Year End Campaign | How to Fundraise on Behalf of Denver Kids

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Denver Kids 2019 Year End Campaign! Below are instructions on how to create your very own Denver Kids fundraising page, along with some tips, tricks and sample content to help you fundraise. Please do not hesitate to contact Kelsey Grayson with any questions at 720-423-1745 or

Create an account or log in to your account: 

Create a fundraising page:

  • Once your account is created and/or you are logged in:
  • Click ‘My Account’ (top right of the page)
  • Click ‘My Campaigns’
  • Click ‘Create Campaign’
  • Fill in the following information:
    • Organizations: Denver Kids, Inc.
    • Your Campaign Title: YOUR NAME – 2019 Year End Campaign
      • Example:  Kelsey Grayson – 2019 Year End Campaign
      • Your Campaign Summary – include the following and then add your own flavor:

At Denver Kids, we believe that strong, supportive relationships have the power to help every student reach their full potential and graduate high school. It’s been the heart of our mission and the springboard of our strong outcomes since 1946. Our professional program staff work one-to-one with Denver Public Schools students facing adversity, to keep them engaged and on track to high school graduation with the skills needed to transition into college or careers. Learn more at

As a strong believer in this mission, I am seeking donations to support Denver Kids students and programming. With your help, we can fundamentally change the futures of young people and the sustainability of our community.

***Denver Kids is included the Denver Enterprise Zone Tax Credit. This means that donations of cash, check or credit card in the amount of $250 or more to Denver Kids may qualify for the Denver County Enterprise Zone 25% state income tax credit. Stock and other in-kind donations valued at $500 or more qualify for a 12.5% state income tax credit. Complete details and instructions can be found at ***

    • URL link: Your name plus 2019 (example: KelseyGrayson2019)
    • Incentive Fund: Check this box if you are matching (in any quantity) the donations made to your fundraising page
    • Add a photo of yourself or something inspirational
    • Add the Denver Kids video using this link: or find another Denver Kids video you would like to share at
    • Add your personal appeal (Ex. I’m fundraising on behalf of the Denver Kids 2019 year end campaign. Help me reach my fundraising goal!)
    • Add email provided
    • Campaign Goal:
      • When setting your fundraising goal, remember that all fundraisers are encouraged to shoot for $500 to $1,000. I suggest you shoot higher. You’ll be surprised how many people will want to support you!
    • Campaign Start date: Enter today’s date (note that it may take up to 24 hours for your fundraising page to show up on the main Denver Kids page on ColoradoGives, but you can email the link to your page immediately).
    • Campaign End date: January 31, 2020. You’ll be surprised how many donations come in after 2019 is over!
    • Click save
    • Submit Campaign for Approval (top right)

To edit your fundraising page:

  • Go to: and sign in with your email address and password
  • Click ‘My Account’ (top right of the page)
  • Click ‘Campaigns/Events’, click View, click Edit

Remember, there are three ways to contribute:

  • Make a credit card donation through your fundraising page
  • Write a check or send credit card information directly to Denver Kids (this will be processed through your fundraising page)
  • Call Denver Kids with credit number and billing information 720-423-1745.

*Regardless of donation method, make sure the donor knows to include your name so that the donation is credited to your fundraising total.

Now let’s get fundraising!

Now that your fundraiser is live, take a moment to customize the story to be about YOU, and why you care about the work of Denver Kids and giving back to your community. Add your own photos to personalize your appeal!

The first step toward your goal is to share your page with your network. Before posting on social media, give your fundraiser a little momentum by reaching out to friends and family directly via an email, text message, or phone call. A personal message asking for their support will go a long way.

Once you’ve done your first round of personal outreach, social media is a great next step to keep everyone updated on your progress and impact. Share your fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your people are!

Want to go the extra mile? Donate to your own fundraiser to set the example and kick off your fundraising efforts!

Engage your Network

Put together an email to send out to your family and friends, and maybe coworkers or others in your network who care about you and might feel compelled to support what you believe in. Make it personal!

Example email body:

Hello everyone!

Some of you may know that I [support/volunteer for/work for] Denver Kids, Inc. I’m passionate about this organization because I believe that Denver Public Schools (DPS) students who face the personal challenges of higher risk environments deserve to successfully complete high school, pursue post-secondary options and positively shape their own futures.

Denver Kids, Inc. believes that all children deserve a chance to reach their highest potential, and improving their educational outcomes is critical in helping them do so. Through the passion and dedication of stakeholders like you, Denver Kids, Inc. is able to have a profound impact on our students’ lives. Together we can fundamentally change the futures of young people and the sustainability of our community.

Please consider making a donation to my fundraiser to help me reach my personal goal of raising $500 for this cause that is so close to my heart.

[Insert your ColoradoGives fundraising link here]

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



Post your fundraising link on your social media channels a few times throughout the campaign. Include a compelling image to help your post get noticed.

Example social media posts:

Hi Friends! This holiday season I am fundraising for my favorite non-profit organization, Denver Kids, Inc. My goal is to raise $500 by the end of this year and I need your help to get there! I support this organization because I believe in the limitless potential of today’s youth, and I believe in the amazing work that Denver Kids does in my community to empower our young people to become contributing members of the community. Learn more here: [Insert your ColoradoGives fundraising link here]

In lieu of a gift this season, please consider donating to a cause near and dear to my heart. I am raising funds for Denver Kids, Inc., a local non-profit that supports Denver youth by providing life-changing opportunities to pursue individual pathways to career and college. Click here to donate: [Insert your ColoradoGives fundraising link here]

Hi Everyone! As you may know, I [support/volunteer with/work for] Denver Kids, Inc. During this season of giving, [we/they] are trying to raise funds in support of [our/their] youth and programs. Denver Kids supports students on their individual pathways to college and career. [We/They] serve roughly 1,300 students, many of whom will be first generation high school graduates. With your help, we can ensure Denver Kids students receive the guidance and support they need to graduate and pursue post-secondary options. Please donate to my fundraiser to help me reach my personal goal of $500. [Insert your ColoradoGives fundraising link here]

Again, please do not hesitate to contact Kelsey Grayson with any questions at 720-423-1745 or