Volunteer Mentor Role Description

The Denver Kids, Inc. volunteer mentor is a responsible, caring adult who serves as a trusted guide to a Denver Public School student in our program. The mentor helps position the student for success both in and out of the classroom by empowering them to make positive life choices and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.
We offer two mentoring programs:


One on One Mentoring  

    1. Meet with your mentee at least twice per month for a minimum of one year
    2. Participate in a pre-match training orientation 
    3. Get invited to various optional mentor/mentee enrichment events and mentor-only networking events

One on One Mentoring + Community

    1. All of the above, plus the opportunity to build community with other mentors and mentees at required Monthly Community Events  
    2. For this program we find that mentors typically meet with their mentees around two times per month (or 8-12 hours per month which includes one on one outings, monthly community events, drive time to/from outings, phone contact time)
    3. One on One Mentoring + Community onboarding also includes an additional training that prepares you for Community Meetings, and matching with a mentee involves an additional mentor/mentee pairing event

Additional Notes on Mentee Age and Location:

Mentees in One on One Mentoring reside across Metro Denver and range from elementary to high school grade levels

Mentees in One on One Mentoring + Community typically reside and go to school in west Denver, and range from 7th to 12th grade

Requirements to become a mentor (for both programs):
– Have access to a personal car and auto insurance
– Has lived in Denver Metro for a minimum of 6 months
– Able to pass criminal, sex offender and motor vehicle background checks