Volunteer Mentor Job Description

The Denver Kids, Inc. volunteer mentor is a responsible, caring adult who servess as trusted guide to a K-12th grade student in our program. The mentor helps position the student for success both in and out of the classroom by empowering them to make positive life choices and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.

Mentor Responsibilities to Denver Kids:

1. Commit to being a mentor to a Denver Kids student for a minimum of one year.

2. Spend timea minimum of 2-hours per visitwith your mentee at least twice per month, and stay in contact by phone or email throughout the month.

3. Communicate at least once a month with your mentee’s Educational Counselor.

4. Attend a minimum of two mentor enrichment trainings (in addition to the required New Mentor Training) during the calendar year, keeping in mind that mentor matches tend to last longer the more training a mentor receives.

5. Submit record (Contact Log) of all volunteer hours and activities using the Denver Kids provided platform. Additional instructions wil be provided at the mentor orientation and training event.

6. Submit proof of auto insurance at time of interview.

7. Attend some of the special activities planned exclusively for mentors and mentees.

8. Remember your mentee’s birthday, as well as other special occasions, with a card or other small remembrance.

9. Notify the Manager of Volunteer Mentor Program and your mentee’s Educational Counselor with any changes to your contact information.

10. Observe all Denver Kids, Inc. policies and procedures provided to you at the mentor orientation and training event.

Denver Kids Responsibilities to the Mentor:

1. Remain in close touch with the mentor to provide support and information.

2. Provide engagement activities and events for mentors and mentees.

3. Provide information about group events and activities, with as much advance notice as possible.

4. Serve as the liaison between the mentor and their mentee’s family.

5. Provide regular feedback on the mentor’s performance, and, upon request, share a volunteer letter of reference.

6. Provide general and umbrella liability policies. Subject to the provisions of these policies, the volunteer is an additional insured.
7. Carefully match mentors with students to ensure relationships are lasting and successful. We will also make prompt adjustments when needed.
8. Remind the mentee that they are making a difference!