Third Party Events | Host a Fundraiser for Denver Kids

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraising activity for Denver Kids! Events and initiatives like yours help raise awareness and funds to further our youth intervention and dropout prevention work within Denver Public Schools (DPS). The following guidelines are provided to ensure a positive, successful event for all parties involved. Please review to determine if your proposed event complies with our requirements. Then, complete and submit the Host Your Own Event form.

Note, any individual or organization (outside of Denver Kids, Inc.) that hosts an event, promotion, sale, or donation drive on behalf of Denver Kids is defined as a “third-party fundraiser.” In order to enhance the success of third party events while protecting Denver Kids’ brand, donors and sponsors, the following policies must be observed. We hope you will find these clear and helpful, but encourage you to contact Kelsey Grayson, Development Associate, with any questions prior to completing the form.


  1. Events/fundraisers must maintain the integrity of the Denver Kids, Inc. brand. Denver Kids reserves the right to deny any application or dissolve any third-party partnership that is not representative of our mission.
  2. The Host Your Own Event form must be submitted at least 30 days prior to your proposed event.
  3. Third-party fundraising events must be financially self-sustaining without contribution from or financial risk to Denver Kids. All third-party event expenses are the responsibility of the third-party event organizer and must be paid before net proceeds are given to Denver Kids.
  4. Any use of the Denver Kids name or logo must be approved in advance by the Marketing and Communications team and cannot be used for any other purpose beyond the approved event.
  5. For legal reasons, approved third party fundraising activities/materials must refer to “benefiting Denver Kids, Inc.” They may not be represented as “sponsored by,” “conducted on behalf of,” or any similar terminology.
  6. The individual or organization conducting the third party fundraiser must prominently disclose to donors the exact dollar amount or percentage of gross proceeds that will be donated to Denver Kids. The percentage of gross proceeds to be received must be agreed upon by Denver Kids in advance of the fundraiser and its promotion.
  7. To ensure there is a distinction between Denver Kids and all third party fundraisers, the event organizer must handle all money until the official donation is submitted to Denver Kids (within 90 days of the fundraiser completion).
  8. Donation receipts can be issued to donors provided the following conditions are met:
    * Donors have not received a product or tangible item in exchange for their donation
    * Denver Kids receives a legible list of donor names, addresses and donation amounts
  9. Event activities shall comply with state and federal laws and regulations.
  10. The third-party event organizer is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance and necessary permits for the event.
  11. The third-party fundraiser is responsible for all marketing efforts and must submit all promotional material containing Denver Kids’ name and/or logo to Denver Kids’ Marketing & Communications team for review and approval prior to publication and distribution of these materials. Please allow Denver Kids staff five (5) business days to review these materials. PLEASE NOTE: Third-party events that are approved by Denver Kids will be advertised on Denver Kids’ website and social media pages.
  12. Denver Kids will not approve a third-party event request if it promotes a political party, candidate or potential candidate
  13. Denver Kids may disassociate with a third party event at any time if these guidelines are not satisfied.
  14. In addition to cash donations, Denver Kids accepts some in-kind donations, such as new school supplies. Any in-kind donations must be pre-approved. In order to receive a stewardship acknowledgement for in-kind gifts, all donations must include the donor’s name and contact information. To receive a tax-deductible acknowledgement for in-kind donations, a receipt of the in-kind items must also be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Host Your Own Event form must be completed and submitted at least 30-days prior to your event. Denver Kids will carefully review your application and contact you as soon as possible to discuss the proposed fundraiser and next steps. If your event does not meet the above criteria and is rejected, you will also be notified as soon as possible.


  1. Participants may not use the copyrighted information, logos, or photos on the Denver Kids website without the express written consent of Denver Kids.
  2. All promotional materials should clearly state the event is sponsored by you or your organization with net proceeds going to Denver Kids. If a specific percentage of event proceeds will be donated to Denver Kids, this must be stated in your materials.
  3. Denver Kids cannot be used as an event title but may be identified as the beneficiary of the event/promotion. For example an event may not be referred to as “Denver Kids Golf Tournament.” Instead, it should be promoted as “XYZ Golf Tournament to Benefit Denver Kids.”
  4. Denver Kids does not purchase advertising to promote third-party events.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Grayson, Development Associate, at