Millicent Brewer

Educational Counselor


How many years have you worked in education or direct service?


When did you join Denver Kids?

February 23, 2015

What age group(s) do you serve?

Grade School, Middle School, High School

What do you enjoy most about working with the students you serve?

I enjoy serving students and assisting them with situations they deem impossible.

Denver Kids has helped me see a different side to myself. Although I came in with several years of experience, I see the program and what I do with a different set of eyes than I ever have before. I am so grateful for this opportunity and although I can’t save all of my students, I will definitely put in an effort to service them to the best of my ability no matter the outcome.

Describe a student outcome or success that you are most proud of.

I have a student that I struggled with for the first 6 months on my caseload. She would avoid me, hold her head down when I would visit her at school maybe say a complete sentence the entire conversation. She was in the office weekly for bad behavior as well as failing almost all of her classes. As the summer hit I had a few students parents I knew that I had to connect with. In June her mom called out of the blue and wanted to talk and discuss school enrollment for her as a 10th grader. She truly felt that DSST Cole HS wasn’t servicing her daughter. I agreed and we began to research some options. I set up a home visit with mom and student in which we came up with many strategies to help her be successful. From then on she has been an active participant in our program. Since her enrollment at Manual in August, she has been the model student, no trouble, and amazing grades and attendance. I am so proud of her daily. She continues to stand by her motto of achieving the American Dream. Her test scores have improved and overall support at school and home is amazing. I can’t tell you enough how this student is on the rise to bigger and better things!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be average, be better than the rest.