Our Program

Since 1946, Denver Kids has provided educational counseling and mentoring to thousands of Denver Public School (DPS) students, grades K-12. Each child is provided with the support and guidance that most effectively minimizes the risk factors that are impeding academic success. Our program strives to help each student achieve his or her potential by offering encouragement and supporting their healthy social, emotional, and academic development.

Our preventive counseling and mentoring program provides one-to-one guidance to 1,150 students in nearly 160 Denver Public Schools. We work with referrals from DPS to identify students in situations of higher risk who could benefit from joining the program. Each full-time Denver Kids Educational Counselor works with a caseload of 45-55 students. They see students on a weekly to semi-monthly basis and are often the most stabilizing influence in the child’s life.

Referrals of students are encouraged in the elementary years, as research has shown that long term consistent support of higher risk students is most effective. On average, a Denver Kids graduate is in the program for seven years. Once a student has entered the program, Denver Kids is committed to supporting the child through high school graduation as long as he or she remains a student of DPS.

Denver Kids is successful in helping students achieve academic success and become college and career-ready through constant reinforcement of positive behaviors, exposure to myriad enrichment opportunities, and encouragement of academic achievement and attendance.