Our Mission

At Denver Kids, we create career and college pathways for at-potential students open to growth and guidance by providing multi-level support to students, their families, and the school community.













We are on a mission to make high school graduation possible for Denver Public Schools students facing adversity. Through strong, supportive relationships, we position young people for success both in and out of the classroom. It’s been the heart of our mission and the springboard to the strong outcomes we’ve achieved since our founding in 1946.

For students challenged by poverty, outside factors often create roadblocks to their success. Once a student falls behind and loses their footing—whether that’s in elementary, middle, or high school—it’s challenging to catch up. This is where Denver Kids intervenes and plays a transformative role. Our professional Educational Counselors work one-to-one with 1,150 K-12th-grade students in nearly 160 Denver Public Schools to keep them engaged, in school, and on track to graduation.

Our approach to positive youth outcomes is rooted in: relationships, real-time data that allows for real-time interventions, and social, emotional, and academic learning.


  • Core to our work is the fundamental belief in the transformative power of relationships. It’s been the heart of our mission and the springboard of our strong outcomes for youth since our founding more than 70 years ago. Denver Kids students receive long-term, consistent, one-to-one support from a professional Educational Counselor and oftentimes a volunteer mentor too.
  • For children and teens facing adversity, Denver Kids can mean the difference between staying in school or dropping out. And, between making reasoned, thoughtful decisions or engaging in unhealthy ones.
  • We build relationships not only with the student, but also with their parents, guardians, families, teachers, and schools. By connecting all parties, we form the strongest possible foundation for learning – one where all students have the ability to rise to their potential and achieve their dreams.

Real-Time Data & Real-Time Interventions:

  • We don’t wait for report cards. Our partnership with Denver Public Schools provides access to real-time student data, allowing us the ability to monitor things like attendance, tardiness, and course performance so that we can instantly intervene before the trajectory of disruptive behavior begins.
  • The most cost-effective place to stop the dropout pipeline is at the beginning. That’s why we intervene as early as kindergarten, and, on average, remain in the student’s life for seven years.

Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning (SEAL):

  • Our entire programming team is certified in Social-Emotional and Character Development through Rutgers University.
  • Grounded in this training, we help students excel not only in academics but also in social and emotional skills such as empathy, collaboration, resilience, and grit – important competencies that allow students to thrive in school and in life.
  • Ensuring our students are prepared for life after high school is a critical component of our program. As early as elementary school, students participate in future-focused conversations and career exploration opportunities. By senior year, Denver Kids students are actively engaged in college tours, financial aid counseling, interview workshops, and job shadowing. As a result, on average, more than ninety percent of our graduates pursue post-secondary education. More than half of our graduates are the first in their families to do so. Learn more about our Future Options program.

Every Student Counts. Every Student Graduates.

Our History

Our Vision
Every student graduates. Every student is prepared with life skills, equipped with a greater understanding of self, and empowered to pursue their meaningful pathway post-graduation.

Our Values
We are truthful, equitable, and accountable in words and actions – even when it is hard.

We foster an environment of continuous learning with a growth mindset and train staff to be their very best.

We focus on evaluating and strengthening our impact to be a center of excellence.

We actively listen with curiosity, welcome feedback, practice empathy and hold each other accountable to bring out the best in others and ourselves.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity
We develop respectful relationships by embracing all individuals with their unique backgrounds and contributions on our path towards equity.