Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are Denver Kids and Denver Urban Scholars merging?
It’s simple, we can do more for youth together.  Combining our organizations allows us to operate with even greater financial efficiency and more specialized staff – which play a pivotal role in achieving positive student outcomes. Both organizations saw an opportunity to create customized, innovative programming while creating long-term financial sustainability on a scale we can’t do on our own.

What will the new program look like? What changes can we expect?
Our commitment to 1:1 student relationships will remain unchanged. With the expertise we bring together, we are analyzing ways to incorporate a deep-school offering that will allow us to thoughtfully extend our program services to entire classrooms and groups. While these details are still being evaluated, we remain committed to aligning the strengths of each organization with the goal of empowering youth in our community to succeed.

Who is Denver Kids, Inc.?
Denver Kids, Inc. is on a mission to make high school graduation possible for Denver Public Schools students facing adversity. Through strong, supportive relationships, we position young people for success both in and out of the classroom. It’s been the heart of our mission and the springboard to the strong outcomes we’ve achieved since our founding in 1946.

For students challenged by poverty, outside factors often create roadblocks to their success. Once a student falls behind and loses their footing—whether that’s in elementary, middle, or high school—it’s challenging to catch up. This is where Denver Kids intervenes and plays a transformative role. Our professional Educational Counselors work one-to-one with approximately 1,000 3rd through 12th-grade students in over 150 district schools to keep them engaged, in school, and on track to graduation and new possibilities for their futures.

Who is Denver Urban Scholars?
Denver Urban Scholars provides life-changing opportunities for students to pursue individual pathways to career and college. Since 1995, Denver Urban Scholars has combined mentoring, social, emotional and academic support to ensure a life of choice and opportunity for every Scholar. Serving students from middle school through three years post-graduation, Denver Urban Scholars seeks to provide continuous and long-term support. Denver Urban Scholars currently serves over 500 individuals (students and parents)  in 11 charter, traditional public, and private schools across Denver through a deep school model involving mentoring, student support services, social emotional groups, and parent groups.

Have you ever worked together before?
We have worked side-by-side over many years with joint participation in mentor training and staff training, sharing best practices, membership in the National Quality Mentoring System and working towards badging based on mentoring best practices, as well as serving students in the same schools.

What will the new entity do?
At this time, we are currently assessing where our programming overlaps as well as how to serve students and schools more efficiently and effectively by offering a 1:1 model as well as a deep school model. We expect to have clarity on all of this by the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, with specific long-term plans for future school years also mapped out soon.

What’s the difference between the two organizations?

While we have long shared a common mission to improve outcomes and opportunities for youth in Denver, our approach has differed. By teaming up as one organization, we can leverage our joint expertise to create a stronger program with better outcomes for Denver’s youth.

  • Provide schools, youth and families with a continuum of SEAL (social, emotional, academic learning) opportunities — from third grade into post-secondary.
  • Leverage the DUS school focused model when schools are ready for and require deeper transformation.
  • Leverage the DK student focused model to maximize reach across DPS, while providing consistent support and relationships to students.
  • Commitment to transforming lives one school and one student at a time.