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January is National Mentoring Month


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It’s National Mentoring Month, a campaign held each January to promote youth mentoring in the United States. Here at Denver Kids, all throughout the month we will be highlighting the incredible, long-term benefits that mentors have on children and teens experiencing situations of higher risk. Head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay connected and learn more.

More than 200 Denver Kids students receive the support and guidance from a caring volunteer mentor. These meaningful relationships can be life-changing for both the mentor and mentee – and responsible for myriad positive youth outcomes. In fact, with a mentor, children and teens facing adversity are:

  • 130% more likely to hold leadership positions
  • 81% more likely to report participating regularly in sports or extracurricular activities
  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities
  • 55% more likely to be enrolled in college
  • 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school
  • 46% less likely than their peers to start using drugs

Still, there are several eligible students in our program waiting to be matched. If you’ve considered becoming a mentor, we hope you’ll take action this month.

Your relationship with a Denver Kids student can help them navigate new experiences, empower them to reach for their dreams, and transform their futures. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Go for a hike. Catch a ball game. Check out a museum. Hang out and talk. There are so many ways to engage with your mentee each month. Whatever you do, the experience is sure to be rewarding.

As a Denver Kids mentor, you’ll recieve hands-on support from our dedicated Volunteer Mentor Program Manger and your mentee’s Denver Kids Educational Counselor. Throughout the year, you’ll also receive access to ongoing trainings, invitations to mentee/mentor mixers, and lots of additional enrichment opportunities to ensure your match is a successful one.

Click here to apply and learn more about becoming a mentor. 

“I have been matched with my mentor for 12 years and there’s no end to what he has helped me accomplish. He has helped me grow into the young man I am and influenced me as if he were a father figure.”
– Denver Kids Mentee