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Thank you to all of our new mentors who joined us for our mentor/student launch party on September 9th at North High School! We are thrilled to welcome so many new faces to our program and are confident of the positive impact they will have on our students. In fact, research shows that when children have the support of an adult mentor in their lives:

55% are more likely to enroll in college
• 52% are less likely than their peers to skip a day of school
46% are less likely than their peers to start using drugs
81% are more likely to participate in sports or extracurricular activities
78% are more likely to volunteer in their communities

Denver Kids matches mentors and students twice a year (September and February) and provides numerous resources, events, activities and education to help ensure matches are successful. If you’ve considered becoming a mentor, please take a moment to learn more and apply! Your relationship with a student can help them navigate new experiences, empower them to reach their dreams, and transform their futures. We are especially in need of volunteers from or willing to travel to the far northeast Denver area, and have a high demand for Spanish speaking male volunteers.