It was a proud moment this past May as we witnessed the young men and women we’ve walked alongside for so many years – seven on average cross the finish line to high school graduation. One by one, each name was called. As each student inched closer to the stage, every step served as a reminder of a hurdle crossed and a barrier broken. From homelessness and poverty to behavioral challenges and academic setbacks – we have been there arm-in-arm with our students on this journey, navigating them through both the steps back and leaps forward.

Gabriel w.cap 2015For 70 years, donors like you have mobilized us to walk the path with students who face the challenges of higher risk environments to make sure they have the resources to be successful and reach their fullest potential. Each year when we have the privilege of watching a Denver Kids student receive his or her diploma, despite the numerous odds stacked against them, it not only represents their personal achievement but also a marked victory for our community and the return on investment of your giving.

As we approach the new school year welcoming back current Denver Kids students and onboarding new, we invite you to make your valuable support go even further by Investing in Our Future. This monthly giving program provides a consistent, reliable source of funding that helps sustain our work so that we can continue going the distance with our kids, month after month – until all 1,250 students in our program cross the finish line.


Right now, over 40% of Denver Public Schools (DPS) students living near or below the poverty line don’t make it to graduation on time, if at all. The need for our work is great:

  • Of the 1,300 DPS students we serve each year, nearly all of them – 96% – live in or near poverty, 89% are Black or Hispanic, and nearly three-fourths come from non-traditional (single guardian, other relatives, foster care, no guardian) households.
  • over 1,700 DPS students dropped out last year In fact, The risk for our students is compounded when we consider both their poverty and racial status.Black and Latino students are twice as likely to drop out of school as a white student.
  • Dropouts have the highest unemployment rate and the lowest pay, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Less employment and lower wages equal less tax revenue and more public assistance costs in a variety of forms including food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, housing subsidies, and unemployment benefits.

By Investing in Our Future, you can change that.

Featured-Mentor_SARAH-MOOREYour commitment to Denver Kids each month can help provide necessary wrap-around intervention services and support such as: one-to-one Educational Counseling, mentoring support, parent engagement, career-readiness workshops, after-school enrichment program opportunities, academic achievement incentives, post-secondary education guidance, and summer programming.

 Benefits of giving monthly:


  • Thanks to our qualifying Enterprise Zone Tax Credit status, donations to Denver Kids totaling $250 or more qualify for a 25% tax credit on your Colorado State income taxes. For example, when you give at the $99/month level, your estimated after-tax cost is just $54/month.
  • Join a platinum circle of giving and be recognized as an Investing in Our Future Partner on all public donor listings.
  • Receive quarterly email updates about the impact of your giving.
  • Enjoy an ease of giving, with automatic donations transferred directly from your credit card or checking account.

Joining in this capacity means you’ll be making a difference in solving the dropout crisis in our community every single month.

Thank you for your commitment to improving our community – every day.