Champions Giving Program

At Denver Kids, we understand the power of long-term relationships. It’s been the heart of our program and the spring board of our successful outcomes since our founding in 1946. On average, students remain in our program for five or more years. The important bonds that form in this time through countless hours of guidance and support, create life-changing results.

  • 40% are the first in their families to graduate from high school
  • 93% of Denver Kids graduates pursue post-secondary education
  • 65% are the first in their families to pursue post-secondary education

The Denver Kids Champions program builds off of this long-term relationship model and invites donors to invest in our students and program by making a minimum annual contribution of $5,000 for five years. Champions link arms with fellow donors at this level, creating a “cohort.” Cohorts are matched with one of the five satellite or geographic regions Denver Kids serves. The collective impact of a cohort could support as many as 25 students in our program for one year. This engaged level of philanthropy provides meaningful ways to impact the lives of young people in our community while sustaining our work in a very important way.

Being a volunteer mentor for three years has allowed me to know and care for a student and watch the power of the Denver Kids program work in contributing to her success. I recently joined the new Champions program to support the organization in another meaningful way. I’m looking forward to this new venture and becoming more deeply involved with all aspects of the Denver Kids program. —Jan Hazlett, Denver Kids Volunteer Mentor & Champion Donor

How it works:


For more information, contact Michelle Maldonado, Development Director, at or 720-423-1747.