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Denver Kids Students Explore DaVita


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Future-focused conversations happen the instant a Denver Kids student is matched with an Educational Counselor, empowering them to dream big and set actionable steps to keep those goals within reach. In addition to college guidance, financial aid counseling, and interview skills workshops, our Future Options team works with the Denver business community to create career exploration and shadowing opportunities. These experiences play a big role in shaping our students’ dreams and decisions.


Recently, a group of Denver Kids students had the opportunity to tour the corporate headquarters of DaVita and meet with representatives from their IT, nursing, and Marketing Communications departments. DaVita led our students through a hands-on skill sharing and connectivity exercise: each student shared aloud one of their skills or strengths, and then passed the ball of yarn to the next student. By the end of the activity, the ball of yarn was intermingled among all of the students. The takeaway: our individual contributions benefit the collective group and our combined output. This exercise also provided our students with a glimpse into the award-winning “community first” culture of DaVita. Afterwards, the students enjoyed a tour…and breathtaking panoramic views from the 14th floor, DaVita Market Place.