Denver Kids Receives National Quality Mentoring Program Recognition


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We were so thrilled to receive recognition as a National Quality Mentoring Program from MENTOR, the National Mentoring organization, and Mentor Colorado!

The National Quality Mentoring System is a thorough process between Mentor Colorado and mentoring agencies like ours that result in identifying best practices and areas for improvement. Advanced research shows that quality mentoring practices are a determining factor in achieving positive youth outcomes.

More than 200 Denver Kids students receive the support and guidance from a caring volunteer mentor. These meaningful relationships can be life-changing for both the mentor and mentee – and responsible for myriad positive youth outcomes. In fact, with a mentor, children and teens facing adversity are:

  • 130% more likely to hold leadership positions
  • 81% more likely to report participating regularly in sports or extracurricular activities
  • 78% more likely to volunteer regularly in their communities
  • 55% more likely to be enrolled in college
  • 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school
  • 46% less likely than their peers to start using drugs

Still, there are several eligible students in our program waiting to be matched. If you’ve considered becoming a mentor, take action and get involved!

Your relationship with a Denver Kids student can help them navigate new experiences, empower them to reach for their dreams, and transform their futures. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

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