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Gabriel Barela


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Gabriel entered the Denver Kids program with uncontrolled anger, poor attendance and low marks that set him further behind in school. But working with his Denver Kids Educational Counselor, he slowly started redirecting his anger and inviting more positive, goal-oriented behaviors into his life. Parallel to this progress Gabriel endured major life setbacks that included the passing of his mother and a home invasion that left him with a gunshot wound to the arm.

Gabriel w.cap 2015

Refusing to be knocked down, he committed to graduating high school on time. And he accomplished this while also becoming a leader. At Justice High School he began to ignore others who weren’t supporting his success. He listened to and allowed those in authority to support him. He started attending class regularly and carried a full schedule complete with two independent study classes and summer courses. He tried out for the basketball team. He supported other students not only with their schoolwork but also their behavior management. Gabriel realized success is achieved through partnership and support. His perseverance in the face of adversity makes him a role model.