Volunteer Mentor Job Description

Denver Kids, Inc. greatly appreciates the time and effort contributed by the many community members who make a tremendous difference in the lives of the students in the Denver Kids program. For this reason, Denver Kids works with each Mentor to assure a successful match, and provide the flexibility necessitated by the volunteer’s schedule.

Mentor Responsibilities to Denver Kids:

1. Agree to mentor in the Denver Kids, Inc. program for one calendar year.

2. See and spend time with a boy or girl a minimum of twice per month, for at least two hours each time, and stay in contact by phone or email other times.

3. Remain in close touch with the student’s counselor, in order to obtain and share any pertinent information as necessary. We ask that you as a mentor communicate at least once a month with your assigned Educational Counselor.

4. Attend a minimum of two mentor enrichment trainings (in addition to the required New Mentor Training) during a calendar year, keeping in mind that mentor matches tend to last longer the more training a mentor receives.

5. Submit record (Contact Log) of all volunteer hours and activities via web based format (instructions given at training).

6. Submit proof of auto insurance at time of interview, and updates as requested.

7. Make every effort to attend some of the special activities planned for mentors and students.

8. RSVP for Denver Kids, Inc. activities in a timely fashion.

9. Remember the student’s birthday, as well as other special occasions, with a card or other small remembrance.

10. Notify the Volunteer Program Director and counselor if personal information changes (email, address, etc.)

11. Observe all Denver Kids, Inc.policies and procedures.

Denver Kids Responsibilities to the Mentor:

1. Remain in close touch with the mentor to provide support and information.

2. Provide worthwhile activities and events for mentors and students.

3. Provide information on upcoming group events and activities, with as much advance notice as possible.

4. Serve as a liaison between the mentor and family of the boy or girl.

5. Provide regular feedback on the mentor’s performance, and a reference letter for the volunteer, if requested and appropriate.

6. Provide general liability and umbrella liability policies. Subject to the provisions of these policies, the volunteer is an additional insured.
7. Assure that the match of mentor and student is appropriate, and if not, to make adjustments as necessary.
8. Ensure that the volunteer knows s/he is making a valuable contribution.