Soul Day Foundation

Providing unique confidence‐ building and soul-nurturing opportunities to our students.

From hip hop lessons and yoga classes to pamper parties and the first annual “Roll with Soul” bike day, Soul Day Foundation’s (SDF) partnership with Denver Kids has impacted so many of our students—and staff. In fact, SDF recently hosted the entire Denver Kids team, all 45 of us, for a 2-day mountain retreat complete team lunches, wellness bags, relaxation and team building exercises.


Led by Carrie Dorr, founder of the Pure Barre fitness franchise, SDF’s mission is to provide a day of delight to lift the souls of those in need. The organization provides children and adults living in higher risk environments and disadvantaged conditions with opportunities to explore dance, music, cooking, food, biking, the great outdoors and so much more. staff-retreat

Soul Day outings have included:

  • Back-to-school shopping
  • Hip hop dance lessons
  • Thanksgiving dinner shopping
  • Nails and make up day
  • Yoga and cooking lessons
  • Roll With Soul
  • Staff Retreat

yoga 2

We thank Soul Day Foundation for their continued partnership and for providing our students and staff with so many unique, nurturing-filled opportunities.